Helensburgh Off Road Cycling Club (HORCC) Incorporated is a community based club with a diverse range of members from junior members to our senior member being 60 plus years. 20% of club members are female. The club is connected via multimedia, including a dedicated text messaging system to support ride and events, a club email group as well as a Facebook page and this website.

The club promotes participation and a healthy life style through mountain biking, encouraging the whole family to get involved.

With the support of HORCC mountain bike club, members have achieved great success competing in world, National, State and local events with results ranging from 3rd in the world 24hrs solo masters, 1st place National EXO event, 4th place Under 17 National cross country series, consistent podiums at National & State Junior and Senior events Cross Country & Down Hill, series winners 7hrs teams events, 24hrs teams events winners and podiums. All the competitors who competed in the events have been supported by the club with assistance with transport, training and equipment support.

The club does not just compete in events but is a social network for anyone in the area to meet like-minded people and become part of the community. We support members and their families who fall on hard times by the way of providing meals, working bees and fundraising events